Chris Steward is a commercial pilot with an instrument rating with more than 1,300 hours  logged flying in the Boston area over the past 23 years. Steward Air Charter is based at the Norwood, Mass. airport and can provide service from other nearby airports. The plane is a Cirrus SR22, providing one of the widest and quietest cabins in its class—with an environment similar to private jets but with larger windows providing excellent views from every seat.

Cirrus is the only airplane company in the world that installs a whole-plane parachute in all of its aircraft as an added safety feature. The Cirrus Airframe Parachute System, or CAPS, has been used in 89 successful deployments with 178 people on board. For more information on Cirrus please visit www.cirrusaircraft.com.

The Cirrus also has advanced avionics with two independent in-flight sources of weather, traffic information, and terrain awareness, plus a built-in oxygen system.  Presently, Steward Air is limited to Daytime VFR (below the clouds) flights.

Safety is our first concern. Steward Air will never launch a flight if the weather at the departure airport, the destination airport, and the en-route forecasts do not allow for a substantial margin of safety. We also never take off with less than one hour of reserve fuel.

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